How type B Skin Gelatin or Alkali Pretreated Gelatin Produced

1. Hair removal(epilation),Degreasing,Washing

Dry skin of cattle or pig should be soaked in water until it is swollen. The epidermis and fatty layer are removed to leave the middle collagen-rich part. If it is fatty skin, such as pigskin, a degreasing machine can be used to remove the fat with hot water and mechanical force. Most of the dirt, fat, fur on the skin will be eliminate after this process.

2. Alkali pretreatment fot type B gelatin

Sodium hydroxide (1%) and supersaturated lime solution are used to soak hide at 15-25°C for 5-12 days. Stir the solution from time to time to achieve even collagen degradation. The water and acid are used to dilute residual alkali and to clean the precipitate.

3.Extraction, filtration, evaporation, sterilization, drying and blending are similar to type A gelatin.

Production of type A gelatin (acid pretreated)

Difference between type A and type B gelatin

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