Edible Gelatin for Meat Can or Ham Sausage

edible gelatin for canned meat or ham

Gelatin for Canned meat or potted meat

When meat is heated, its muscle fibers will shrink to squeeze the water around them, and water combined with organic matters will also become free molecules. The exuded water and grease after heating compose the soup of canned meat. If there is no emulsifier, fat will float to the top of broth. As a thickener and emulsifier, edible gelatin makes soup viscous, and the emulsified fat is evenly distributed in soup. The oil and water are not layered easily. The soup cooked in this way tastes thicker, smoother, and the flavor is more delicious.

Gelatin for Canned ham or ground meat

Modern people are well educated and the pace of life is faster, so they pay more attention to their health than ever before. The low carbohydrate, low-fat and low-calorie food is suitable for modern dietary habit , such as non-starch ham sausage or non-starch canned ham. The cooled gelatin becomes a solid, elastic and chewy substance that firmly adheres the minced meat together. It absorbs moisture from the food and prevents the exuding water on the surface, which improves stability and sliceability of meat product. Gelatin can emulsify fat molecules against agglomeration and the evenly distributed fat gives the ham a smooth mouthfeel. In some non-starch hams, the food grade gelatin can replace starch as gelling agent. It can not only increase the protein content, but also reduce the content of carbohydrate, fat and calorie.

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